Creepy communications technology realities

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250px-Panopticon.jpgEver since I started using a cell phone, I've loved the sense of security it gives me. If I'm late or lost, I can call my dinner companion or a friendly operator. If the car breaks down, or there's another emergency, I have a lifeline in my purse.

GPS navigation has appealed for similar safety and security reasons. That woman on the OnStar commercials, who is so relieved when she's able to get help from a remote customer service god after she locks herself out of her car, is someone most of us would tend to identify with.

But there are ramifications to these technologies that we haven't discussed openly. We can assume that many who have been targeted as a result of anti-war or anti-administration affiliation have endured surveillance of the following varieties as an aspect of the widespread warrantless wiretapping abuse.
Did you know that law enforcement officials can demand that your cell phone company activate the microphone in your phone remotely? Your cell then becomes a roving microphone recording events around you whether or not the phone is on.  Additionally, cell phones track your location through communication with the nearest tower. As long as you have it with you and turned on, your location can be identified.
Telephone surveillance technologies like the infinity system use your home telephone's microphone to hear what goes on in your house.

Similar to cell phones, GPS systems in automobiles can be activated so that a remote listener can hear all of your car conversation. They also track and log your whereabouts.

Should we be surprised that we are a leading surveillance state? The point is not that we should become paranoid. Rather, citizens never got the full picture as these everyday gadgets and updates became seemingly indispensable. Now we need to wade through complicated terrain to demand the enforcement of our right to privacy. The ability to invade our homes, cars, and mobile devices + an administration that manipulates the law to its own ends = a situation we need to start getting loud about. Very loud.

So loud it won't take a stealth microphone to hear us in Washington.

~~ CNET: FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool
     New Standard: GPS surveillance creeps into daily life
     NYTimes: Court leaves the door open for safety system wiretaps

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I Say said:

That you are right. I am working on creating a revolution! JOIN ME!

Sam Jackson said:

Can you cite sources for this? Many in car GPS systems don't even have microphones, and really, I'd be interested in seeing your proof here. OnStar perhaps, but not some other commercial units...

Kyeann said:

Hey Sam,

The News Standard link above was great... Looks like their site is down. If it's not up soon I will hunt for another good reference.



james said:

You Said: "Similar to cell phones, GPS systems in automobiles can be activated so that a remote listener can hear all of your car conversation. They also track and log your whereabouts."

That can't be true. GPS systems receive signals, they don't transmit at all. GPS satellite just transmit and your GPS system picks up these signals and based on which ones it picks up and the strength of each signal, it knows where it is. It doesn't transmit anything back at all, the things would be a lot larger if they had the electronics to transmit as well as receive...

Kyeann said:

James -- Check out the NYT article link above. The technology is there. :(

I'm reminded of the movie Enemy of the State, with Will Smith. So much of the technology in that movie seems to be coming true, if it wasn't already true at the time the movie was made.

Kyeann said:

I saw that movie when I first became aware of our surveillance -- it was so weird to find myself relating to it so much. At that point we could only imagine the cell phone tracking because it's all we'd experienced. It's hard to know how many of our clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. have tracking or listening devices in them since the contractors were entering our home as they pleased through mid-December, and apparently have the ability to intercept or tamper with our mail regardless of the carrier.

Not an America any of us wants to live in.

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