Six Hours a Week: Adventures of a Sudden Patriot

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phpk1LJznPM.jpgI've always believed in the principles of democracy, but I never thought it was my job to work for them. Plus, our system seemed so rigged by racism, sexism and injustice that it was hard to get in touch with the vitality and potential of our founding ideals.

Like hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents, my privacy and other basic rights have been severely violated by the current administration. I have had a sneak preview of how dismal everyday life could become for all of us if we don't work hard and now to salvage our civil liberties; it has frightened and transformed me.

This civil liberties emergency has turned me into a new type of citizen: one who spends six hours each week researching, communicating about, and advocating  the preservation of our basic liberties. I am still the law-abiding "good citizen" who works, shops too much, sometimes volunteers, keeps up with current events, cleans the house and watches too much TV. But I now spend at least one hour six hours each week as an active and engaged citizen.

After thinking about how my attitude has shifted, I've come to the conclusion that to me being an American basically meant having the freedom to pursue my vocation and spend my leisure time how I chose, and not having to be saddled with the nuts and bolts of policy. Freedom meant generally not having to bother. I would become intensely involved if something like the Iraq war arose, but feeling that my voice had little influence made me apathetic. Really, because I'm white and economically secure, and haven't suffered the injustices that many Americans experience daily, I took my liberty for granted.

I hope you'll join me as I figure out what this new type of citizenship is like!


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Random23 said:

You know what? Stumbling upon you has made Digg one of the greatest inventions of all time.
Your realistic shift in priorities, and action taken on that shift, is a model that I can certainly aspire to.
Being a good and concerned citizen doesn't mean giving up the joys and silly pleasures our country provides. It just means not being seduced into apathy by them.

I too was quite when I should have been vocal, there are excuses, as always, but the time has come to (in the words of the poet) "Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late."

Thank you for this simple and elegent plan of action, a hour a day can change the world... or at least give it a fighting chance.

Kyeann said:

Thank you so much!!! You made my week. :)

noddinglilith Author Profile Page said:

Thank you. Really, that's the best words that can be said. Thank you for taking a stand, for taking action, and for inspiring others. Start a ripple effect, change the world as we know it.

Ian said:

I pretty much love you. I'm awake right now because I fear for my rights and liberties. As I'm in college, I'm even looking at switching into law since I feel there is no candidate in any party who is willing to stand up for freedom and liberty of the individual. I might not always agree with your (leaning liberal?) stances, but my heart is warmed to see people like you are out there, and want our country to be a free one again.

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Six Hours A Week Is:

A coping strategy, advocacy outlet, and form of protection. My life has been nearly destroyed by the unconstitutional practices of politically/socially-motivated private intelligence contractors and the corruption and cronyism that allow them. Apparently because I speak out in ways that prioritize the little guy and human and environmental health above gargantuan profit margins, and believe that facts are as important as PR spin, I was someone who had to be completely discredited. In 2007, after a few months of a surreal and relentless invasion of privacy and dignity, I started to spend six hours each week researching, communicating about, and advocating legal and ethical responses to assaults on our shared democratic and republican ideals. For most of that time I was writing from the perspective of someone whose life was manipulated into a constant state of terror and emergency. In 2010, many of the array of entrapment attempts seem to have failed and it seems no longer possible to get away with such excessive, obvious harassment and overt interference. As we take more practical steps to address what has been allowed to happen to my family, we do expect to see some more harassment and intimidation. But I should be able to chronicle it from a more measured perspective, rather than that of someone in constant fear. Part of me would like to go back and delete earlier posts, because even I find them hard to relate to in some ways. But this blog has been one of our only forms of protection as everyone in any official capacity ignored the truth and tried to spin and frame us into the troublemakers and perpetrators of one form or another. So I leave it up as a form of protection, a record of what has occurred, and (with luck) the account of our way back to credibility and some form of legitimate justice. All content on this site is property of Kyeann Sayer. All rights reserved.

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