The NSA Gives me the "Glomar Response"

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dod-large.pngI don't know exactly why I didn't submit an NSA FOIA request when I became aware of being spied on. Looking back at all of the articles about domestic spying, it would have been the obvious choice. Since all of the craziness seemed so connected to my international travel, I assumed at first it was the CIA. Wanting to cover my bases, I made requests to a variety of agencies last summer, getting the runaround from the FBI (sending me to a variety of field offices, giving conflicting responses), semantic weirdness from the CIA (something akin to "we have nothing filed under your name in our automated indices"), and denials elsewhere.

Finally, last December I realized the NSA was most likely the agency offended by my Jackie Kennedy costume and Jesus shopping bag and so asked my lawyer to make a request. Until a few weeks ago I thought he had. But he only pretended to. That's right. When he was unable to produce either correspondence with the NSA or a Case Number, I made my own request (after firing him, of course).

Yesterday, I received my very own Glomar Response. Never did any of the other agencies I sought records from use Glomar. This means that, yes, I've been spied on with the NSA's blessing (seemingly by off-the-charts unethical and unprofessional Booz Allen Hamilton employees for the most part). But the details of just how my 4th Amendment rights have been completely disregarded and I've pretty much been imprisoned for a year without having been charged with any crime (etc.)? Those are too precious to national security to divulge.

Read all of the fun government speak after the jump. And, if you think you've sniffed out spooks in your midst, do your own FOIA request. Those of us who have been Glomared under this administration will have recourse one day, methinks.
You may be aware that NSA/CSS targets unspecified persons or entities involved in terrorism as part of the nation's efforts to prevent and protect against terrorist attacks. However, because of the classified nature of the National Security Agency's efforts, we can neither confirm nor deny whether intelligence records relating to you exist, or whether any specific technique or method or activity is emplyed in those efforts. The fact of the existence or non-existence of responsive recores is currently and properly classified matter in accordance with Executive Order 12958, as amended. Thus, yoour request is denied pursuant to the first exemption of the FOIA, which provides that the FOIA does not apply to matters that are specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive Order to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign relaitons and are properly classified pursuant to such Executive Order.

Moreover, the third exemption of the FOIA provides fo the witholding of information sepcifically protected from disclosure by statute. Thus, your request is also denied because of the existence or non-existence of the information is exempted from disclosure pursuant to the third exemption. The specific statutes applicable in this case are Title 18 U.S. Code 798; Title 50 U.Sl Code 403-1(i); and Section 6, Public Law 86-36 (50 U.S. Code 402 note).


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Photomaineac said:

It is a sad world that we are living in these days. Six ours a week doing research is a lot, when you have to work for a living anyway. Just wanted you to know that I appreciated all the interesting read's. I don't believe that there is a cure for the Government now. Too, too late, I wish more people could understand how bad it really is and getting worse. Thanks again...Photomaineac

JM said:

We are about to undergo a complete change of the world we live in, the worst part is our constitutional rights being sucked out the window. My advice is to stockpile NATO caliber ammunition. Supreme Court says we have a right to own Firearms, well fine untill The govt tells Dupont to quit making ammo, Stockpile canned and dehydrated food, Cash in your savings and buy Foriegn currency, Powers that be want a Single Global currency, the only way to do it is to tank the American Dollar and its already happening.

Paul said:

I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and look forward to each new instalment. But I'm really craving MORE DETAILS of your personal experience with government surveillance. Please give us the details! Thanks :)

Megaglomar said:

Sorry citizen, I cannot confirm or deny that.

Not my job to tell you anything.

Look, the system needs reform, how the heck we gonna do it? We change whose in power, we change that by mobilizing the populace, and that we change by reinventing the media.

You're off to a good start here, but as far as I can tell, the blogging community is way too spread out and mostly limited to middle class - upper middle class white folks with computers and free time. CNN and fox are entirely structured. They can send a uniform message to millions of people next day.

The people of America, needing to take back the media as to be able to provide a unified front demanding civil rights, need to be able to compete with that level of technology.

I'd love to go all revolutionary and say "throw out your tv!" but I doubt that's all going to happen. I'd like to get everyone going to and get that site restructured in a productive way, but that's unlikely.

How do we compete against these endless barriers. Can't get on cable if you don't have the money, can't get spectrum space for TV or Radio anymore cause of licensing mazes. Can't get magazine published - do you have thousands of dollars of capital for offset printing, and god forbid you want to get a book published through a publisher. Even if you do your own print run, which stores are going to stock it. All the stores and public places (and stores are just about the only public place left.) are too corporatism, bureaucratized, controlled from the top. You ask them whether you can put in a magazine rack for local papers, some of the managers may still have the sense of loyalty-to-fellow-humans-and-not-the-corp left in 'em that they'll say yes, but the rest? How you gonna get it there? Everyone so oppressed by poverty that who has the time?

And the internet? Well it's nice, but it's unstructured and has limited availability. Geography is a more egalitarian means of communication spread, though for places divided into geographies, short range media can prevent external help. But we have no access to printing presses, binderies, radio or tv stations anymore, or far too little. Who the hell can afford a minidv camera?

So what if the gov't abridges your civil liberty? So what if they spy on you. So what if your friend's captured, tortured in secret, killed, and just another person gone 'missing'? What if you're of the wrong skin color and name and you getting deported? So what if they no longer respect your rights as a citizen? So what? What're you gonna do about it? Who are you gonna go to?

You can't go door to door. Not enough time and people have been trained in xenophobia. Take it to the newspaper? It's a personal story and it won't sell papers. Take it to the TV stations? Ha, you think tv stations are gonna care about your single puny life? Fuck your life story. They don't owe you anything, they're trying to make advertising money here and you're just wasting their time. And the radio stations aren't exactly sane anymore. Everyone's been cordoned off and pushed to different tiny corners where all they hear are the same sources of noise - there's no access to other people anymore.

What the hell are you gonna do but wail in frustration - nobody would hear you, and if you wail too loud, the cops'll be called, come to enforce the status quo and rules of property.

The government is betting that our lack of access to media, networking, and organizing skills will prevent us from effectively resisting their growing oppression. We're so divided, they can pick us off one by one and no one would even know.

This must change.

Queen Contrary said:

I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I'm not sure where I got the link, but I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. The last poster is correct in that we definitely need media reform. But I disagree that there's no point in speaking out. As a parent, I've taught my daughter to respect authority (including mine) but never to fear it. I worry that this advice will backfire someday but I stick by it. Also she knows a healthy wariness and caution is different than fear. Fear has paralyzed too many people and caused division but I really think calm and reason will prevail. Governments can take away your rights and your freedom but they can never take away your knowledge and experiences. As long as you share that knowledge and experience with others, you are helping to change the tyranny of fear. Thank you.

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