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rsz_1Take_Me_Out_to_the_Ball-Game_BIG.jpgI stopped blogging here so much, because originally this blog was about the civil liberties/civil rights/human rights issues facing all of us, but it became necessary to focus on my own daily trials. I didn't want to bore readers with our drama, so began to chronicle it elsewhere. 

My mother and I have endured another wave of harassment and tampering with supplements and other pantry items. We thought we had survived the last of it, but there is still clearly quite a bit of funding (at least, we would hope you would have to pay someone a lot to break into someone's house and aid in their demise). That's why I'm finally just outing a selection of the corporate and right wing operatives I've dealt with over the last ten years or so. I'll stop doing it when the harassment (stalking, poisoning, spying, witness tampering, slander, attorney purchasing) stops.

As I wrote over at StumbleUpon, here are some folks' doors to knock on to end the funding, or to question should we not make it out of this situation. We are not surrendering by settling a bogus law suit that was originally filed (among other conspiratorial reasons) in an attempt to seize my mother's home -- that's what has given many of the locals the incentive to drag this out. Even after all that has happened, the outing route was not one I wanted to use, but I don't feel like I have much choice. This is my health, my life, my mother's health, my mother's life. Here's what I've posted. (You can also read about operatives and collaborators there -- I'm considering whether to give each of them an individual post here.)

Six Hours A Week Is:

A coping strategy, advocacy outlet, and form of protection. My life has been nearly destroyed by the unconstitutional practices of politically/socially-motivated private intelligence contractors and the corruption and cronyism that allow them. Apparently because I speak out in ways that prioritize the little guy and human and environmental health above gargantuan profit margins, and believe that facts are as important as PR spin, I was someone who had to be completely discredited. In 2007, after a few months of a surreal and relentless invasion of privacy and dignity, I started to spend six hours each week researching, communicating about, and advocating legal and ethical responses to assaults on our shared democratic and republican ideals. For most of that time I was writing from the perspective of someone whose life was manipulated into a constant state of terror and emergency. In 2010, many of the array of entrapment attempts seem to have failed and it seems no longer possible to get away with such excessive, obvious harassment and overt interference. As we take more practical steps to address what has been allowed to happen to my family, we do expect to see some more harassment and intimidation. But I should be able to chronicle it from a more measured perspective, rather than that of someone in constant fear. Part of me would like to go back and delete earlier posts, because even I find them hard to relate to in some ways. But this blog has been one of our only forms of protection as everyone in any official capacity ignored the truth and tried to spin and frame us into the troublemakers and perpetrators of one form or another. So I leave it up as a form of protection, a record of what has occurred, and (with luck) the account of our way back to credibility and some form of legitimate justice. All content on this site is property of Kyeann Sayer. All rights reserved.