Neverending Harassment? Time to Out (Alleged) Funders and Operatives

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rsz_1Take_Me_Out_to_the_Ball-Game_BIG.jpgI stopped blogging here so much, because originally this blog was about the civil liberties/civil rights/human rights issues facing all of us, but it became necessary to focus on my own daily trials. I didn't want to bore readers with our drama, so began to chronicle it elsewhere. 

My mother and I have endured another wave of harassment and tampering with supplements and other pantry items. We thought we had survived the last of it, but there is still clearly quite a bit of funding (at least, we would hope you would have to pay someone a lot to break into someone's house and aid in their demise). That's why I'm finally just outing a selection of the corporate and right wing operatives I've dealt with over the last ten years or so. I'll stop doing it when the harassment (stalking, poisoning, spying, witness tampering, slander, attorney purchasing) stops.

As I wrote over at StumbleUpon, here are some folks' doors to knock on to end the funding, or to question should we not make it out of this situation. We are not surrendering by settling a bogus law suit that was originally filed (among other conspiratorial reasons) in an attempt to seize my mother's home -- that's what has given many of the locals the incentive to drag this out. Even after all that has happened, the outing route was not one I wanted to use, but I don't feel like I have much choice. This is my health, my life, my mother's health, my mother's life. Here's what I've posted. (You can also read about operatives and collaborators there -- I'm considering whether to give each of them an individual post here.)
This is life and death, people. Again, we have been unbelievably restrained and polite as people have been monstrous. We have been imprisoned with out charge, defamed, sabotaged at every turn, and nearly killed. The intervention in our lives has been unconscionable and unconstitutional. We have done nothing wrong.

So, here is a list of people who might still care enough to fund murder attempts. As I continue to out operatives as our harassment (stalking, spying, buying off of lawyers and construction contractors, poisoning, etc.) continues, these are some of the doors to knock on to make it stop. If there is more weird parking BS tonight, I'll list another one. I have a lot of names -- enough to last months if the harassment continues.

  • The greenwashing forces backing up the contractor who is suing my mother/The Biomimicry Institute

  • The Republicans who have been obsessed with me since childhood (check with Carrie and Chuck McGee) and also seem to have riled up the locals to help with falsifying info for the law suit.

  • Funders or affiliates of the Breakthrough Institute, which I revealed as a corporate-funded sham in the thesis they did everything they could to prevent from being entered. (The poisoning really kicked up after I wrote on a list-serv about wanting partners in creating an alternative to their BS. I'll tell you who to see about that if the harassment doesn't stop.)

  • Graham Hill, the former owner of TreeHugger, who really does not want to be sued for his unlawful firing of me (for organizing the writers to advocate for fair pay before he sold the site for $10 million) and whatever he has funded since. (My life was turned upside down after I informed him I would sue him and tried to go public with the story. See Hank Green -- for starters, there are many more to write about -- he was working as an operative while we were both writing for TreeHugger.)
It's too bad you bought off all of our lawyers, and made it seem as though law enforcement would only try to frame us or cover up their own misdeeds if we went to them for help...

Another person who I really angered right before everything fell apart in spring of 07 was Kevin George, who has a branding agency in San Francisco. He hired me to consult on a project for a car company. In retrospect, it gradually seemed like he was mixed up with the group that was trying to recruit me to the anti-environmental PR industry (a nice handful of people to out if the harassment continues).

Oh, and Tom Maclay may potentially still care enough...

There are family members who may still want us dead, but unless it's Cousin Bob paying the bill, it's hard to imagine they'd have enough money...

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gangstalking said:

I added a link to your blog. It's on the website. Have you tried to get your Freedom of information files?

Have you heard the term Gang Stalking?

What steps have you taken to try to get this stopped. There have been some articles in major papers about Gang Stalking, but nothing really that great, but exposure is happening.

Holla back.

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