Missoula Police Department: So Far A Case Study in "Hear No Evil, See No Evil"

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lrg_cold_feet.jpgUpdate: I realized that Sergeant Richardson may have changed his tone so precipitously because of this post about Hadley Ferguson having lied to him (for some reason the link doesn't work here -- I pasted it at the end of the post too). That would escalate the need to discredit me re: the neighbors... It's amazing that those who are willing to lie to police are supposedly the "wronged" ones...

Just after writing the post below I got a new message from Sergeant Richardson. So, here we are in the nitty grtty of fighting to have one's voice heard in a corruption-saturated community. I guess throughout American history people who've had their rights systematically violated have had to tirelessly and relentlessly pursue legal means for circumventing this type of obstruction. The email exchange below is instructive in the technique of deflection. I'm sure we will deal with a lot of this -- it's important not to take it personally and come to terms with the sad truth that in general people will protect their own and their buddies' interests to an absurd degree.

You can see that the overall strategy below is to make me look completely unacceptable and repugnant to our neighbors, and focus on that rather than the city's overall responsibility. Initially, I complained to the department about a neighbor's conduct, and this where it has led us. One of our strengths is that we have documented the neighbors' odd behavior and entrapment attempts in the form of emails and letters to them. I guess they don't want us to be able to do that any more. Also, by making it seem as though the problem is isolated to us harassing our neighbors (right!), attention is deflected away from their behavior and the city's responsibility for all that has occurred -- in and outside our neighborhood.
The way this Sergeant has fought so hard to completely ignore our very legitimate concerns is so telling. You can see in message after message below, how strenuously he avoids our issues. His complete one-sidedness is remarkable. Throughout this ordeal, however, we have been amazed at the way people seem to think they can create truth simply by ignoring what they'd like and stating what they want to be true.

As long as it's about me, and not about the city and its sanctioning of hate crime and harassment, apparently they think they're golden. But how long can such a transparent strategy work? Or is it just to tide them over until they think of further ways to diminish our credibility? How do we go in one email exchange from "go on and enjoy your life with neighbors who have no issue with you" to "don't contact your neighbors" unless it's a strategic/deflective reaction to complaints about his not doing his job? That seemed like a defensive and ill considered move.

None of this changes the fact that we have copious amounts of evidence and information that we are eager to turn over to local law enforcement. When that evidence and documentation are reviewed by individuals who are truly concerned about our welfare, the Missoula Police Department's obstruction will seem even more problematic. Are they somehow banking on the idea that for some reason no one will ever have the opportunity to evaluate it?

For the sake of the people of Missoula and the police department's reputation, we can hope that Sergeant Casey Richardson is just a bad apple. Fun email exchange after the jump.
Casey Richardson <@ci.missoula.mt.us>
Steve Brester <@ci.missoula.mt.us>
date    Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 5:17 PM
subject    Re: Harassment/Hate Crime in Missoula

Sergeant Richardson,

Again, we are concerned with your addressing the overall incidence of hate crime and harassment in Missoula. It is starting to seem very strange that you refuse to acknowledge those issues.

You have ignored the information about the pervasive harassment/hate crime we have dealt with. You have been told that we have copious evidence and documentation of attempts to harm our persons and property but you apparently do not wish to receive it. You have not provided any guidance on filing incidence reports or how you would like to receive evidence.

You have not assured us that you are communicating to local political and religious leaders that harassment of us is not acceptable. You have not assured us that your department is committed to ensuring that we do not experience more hate crime/harassment in Missoula.

You have not responded to the specific information we have provided -- such as our fears around Scott Anderson and Ty Cranmore.

In short, you are not doing your job.
We will continue to follow up until someone does.

Suddenly declaring that I am not fit to respond to my neighbors will not take legitimacy away from our overall concerns about harassment in the community. Additionally, please be specific about which neighbors you are referring to and provide guidance on how we are supposed to engage in routine communication with them. Is communication from my mother acceptable? Do we need to contact the police depart each time we need to address routine neighborly matters?

Kyeann Sayer

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Casey Richardson <@ci.missoula.mt.us> wrote:

    Lt Brester,

      I have been in communications with the neighbors and have reviewed all correspondence from Kyann. As I have stated I have not found any illegal activity.  Furthermore, the neighbors have communicated their desire to have no contact from Kyann. They do not want contact in writing, email, phone or person. If Kyann has any issues with them please contact them through her attorney.

    Sgt. Casey Richardson

    Quality of Life Office


    From: Kyeann Sayer [mailto:@gmail.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 3:52 PM
    To: Casey Richardson; fvanvalk@co.missoula.mt.us; Steve Brester

    Subject: Re: Harassment/Hate Crime in Missoula

    Sargent Richardson and Luitenant Brester,

    As I have emphasized repeatedly, for some reason Sargent Richardson is only concerning himself with our neighbors, and not the overall issue of hate crime and harassment that we have dealt with for two years. I will not repeat those issues, which are partially detailed in my June 17 message below. At this point, Sargent Richardson is choosing not to properly investigate, so we will not continue to follow up with him.

    We are not accepting Sargent Richardson's strange attempt to narrowly define this as a problem with our neighbors, and we are not going away. If we do not find proper assistance from your office and the county attorney's office, we will continue to reach out to state and federal agencies until the crimes perpetrated against us are properly addressed. You will be known either as the persons who did your jobs properly, or (as seems to be the direction of Sargent Richardson) those who obstructed and thus assisted with the pervasive corruption we have encountered in this community.

    Again, if we continue to encounter harassment/hate crime within Missoula, the city and county are responsible for not protecting us. Since you are not indicating how we should file our complaints (and did not even provide cursory information about the process of filing hate crimes complaints), we have to guess about how you and the county attorney would like to receive the information. It would save us considerable time and effort to receive guidance.

    We evidence of having dealt with organized crime in this community: intentional attempts to devalue my mother's property, to damage our health, and to make our lives in Missoula completely untenable. For example, we have photographs of how one of the cars was tampered with (the mechanic said that much further driving of it would have resulted in an explosion), multiple pantry items that were tampered with while Abbey Carpets employees were doing work in our home, summaries of conversation with individuals who were clearly eliciting information about our religious and political views when they were not sabotaging work. We have ten months' worth of license plates to follow up on -- people who were parked in front of our home with no reason to be in our neighborhood. Please let us know how you would like to receive all of this documentation -- how we can make it easiest for you to do your jobs.

    Finally, there are people who we know where interfering in our lives at the behest of private contractors. I have already provided the names of Hank Green and Irene Appelbaum, for starters.

    If you are deciding that we for some reason do not deserve to have our claims and concerns about our safety in the community addressed, please be very specific about why (aside from Sargent Richardson's weak and inaccurate claim that he has thoroughly looked into the narrow issue of our neighbors). Again, it will be important to understand your reasoning as we follow up with other agencies, file complaints with the Civil Rights Commission, etc.

    Kyeann Sayer

    On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 7:48 AM, Casey Richardson <@ci.missoula.mt.us> wrote:

    Lt. Brester,

       I see Kyann emailed about 10 minutes after I left on Thursday, and since I work Monday thru Thursday I am just getting this.  I am sure you can review the below emails so I will not restate her complaints. At this time I have found no criminal wrongdoing.  All parties I have contacted have assured me that they have no interest in tracking Kyann's activity and just want to live in a normal, quiet neighborhood. It is my sincerest hope that Kyann can move on from here and enjoy her life. I would be glad to continue to remain available to Kyann for further communication if you and her wishes. Casey


    Sgt. Casey Richardson

    Quality of Life Office


    From: Kyeann Sayer [mailto:@gmail.com]
    Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 4:30 PM
    To: Steve Brester
    Cc: kpabst@co.missoula.mt.us; fvanvalk@co.missoula.mt.us; Casey Richardson
    Subject: Fwd: Harassment/Hate Crime in Missoula

    Dear Lieutenant Brester,

    Sargent Richardson doesn't seem to have a desire to gather the information necessary to investigate my and my mother's difficulties with harassment and hate crime in Missoula. We have a large amount of information and many leads -- Sargent Richardson has only a tiny fraction of that information and yet seems to already have decided that he is dealing with civil rather than criminal issues. He hasn't asked me to file incident reports
    (I just discovered the form online) and in general seems to want the least amount of specific information possible. Can you please assign a detective to this matter who is actually interested in investigating the crimes against our persons and property?

    Thank you,

    Kyeann Sayer

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Kyeann Sayer <@gmail.com>
    Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 4:08 PM
    Subject: Re: Harassment/Hate Crime in Missoula

    To: Casey Richardson <@ci.missoula.mt.us>, Missoula.SLC@ic.fbi.gov, SaltLakeCity@ic.fbi.gov, Helena.SLC@ic.fbi.gov, C2.slc@ic.fbi.gov, ******, fvanvalk@co.missoula.mt.us

    Sargent Richardson,

    Again, I look forward to assisting you with thorough investigations of the matters below, and look forward to your assurance that you have made it clear to the parties specified below that harassment and hate crimes are not acceptable within your city.

    Most of our grievances are actually criminal, and we will continue to follow up with nonresponsive federal agencies and provide information to Mr. Van Valkenburg so that is clear. I have copied him on this message and am sure that he will let me know how he prefers receiving the information he needs to make an informed determination about whether/how he will pursue a variety of criminal matters. (Also, Mr. Van Valkenburg, please let us know whether we have been under any sort of investigation at the behest of your office.)

    Not enough information has been collected for any sort of determination to be made. No one has even interviewed us or collected any of the abundance of information that we have -- any determination that this is not a criminal matter at this stage is completely premature and bizarre. Anyone who has made a determination that these are civil issues has done so on scant information and apparently doesn't consider thoroughness a priority when dealing with hate and politically-based crime. I doubt that any one person or agency will want to be known as having turned the other way rather than actually look into overwhelming evidence of criminal misconduct.

    Please let me know who your liason is at the Helena and Missoula offices so that I may follow up as well.

    Thank you,

    Kyeann Sayer

    On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 11:38 AM, Casey Richardson <@ci.missoula.mt.us> wrote:

    I have only heard back from the Helena FBI and they stated they felt most of your grievances were civil in nature and they would notify their Missoula office of the situation, but they would be taking no action. I emailed the folks listed on this email and have not received any other communication. I have also forwarded many of your emails to the County Attorney for review, but they agree there are no chargeable offenses at this time.

(Here's that Hadley Ferguson lying post.)


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bjoyous said:

didn't realize this was about "gay bashing" when I complained before, but a did see how hard a former gay roommate had it with the law and before. Very sad story about a kid who'd been messed up all his life, with no family to help. Tuns out this guy has no family! I was a potential mom, but his impulsive behaviors both made me angry and sad. Like a child, I tried to give him rules, such as not bringing strange guys to our home. I told him I didn't care what he did in some strangers room: I didn't want Wake up to strange men in my house, and especially those who tried to climb in bed with me!
That sucked, but I wish I'd been a better Mom, instead of letting him make the house unbearable with strange men in and out, then set himself for a fall by violating terms of his probation.I still think he only needed a STRONGER mom than the one I tried to be. I still worry about the wormy bustard!

bjoyous said:

I applaud your tenacity! They blow us off, but you keep going! Bravo!

bjoyous said:

Harsh! the police do look for what they want to find, but your e-mails prove they ignore that they don't want to hear. I'm dealing with transients (why defend them?), but it sounds like your own neighbors are assholes? That is just as creepy or even worse!. Sounds like it might be a gay issue? I had a gay roommate, and saw his fights, and I have trouble "defining" myself/sexuality. Thankfully, my friends and neighbors accept me as you!

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