Missoula Police Department "Losing" Our Complaint Records...

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So, today Mom called to follow up on the Citizen's Complaint she filed against Alain Goodman after he accosted her on June 25.  It's no wonder Chief Muir didn't want to comment on it or voluntarily follow up. Despite the fact that she both faxed the complaint and sent it certified, there is no record of it in the Department's system. Two separate officers searched for it and couldn't find it.

And we're supposed to believe that the Department is a neutral party, dispassionately interested in protecting us as much as any other citizens? That Chief Muir is just itching to follow up on our array of Complaints? I have corresponded with Chief Muir about this incident repeatedly. Now we have to ask -- who/what is the Department covering for? It's seemed from Day 1 that Sergeant Richardson and Chief Muir were mostly interested in preventing us from supplying documentation and evidence. Then when one of us makes a report, it disappears. And the problem is supposedly my/our "insincerity" about wanting to make official reports? This is ridiculous.

Now I'll be interested to see how many of my 911 stalking/harassment calls have been "lost."

It's not at all an exaggeration to say that we're venturing into official cover-up territory here. It's going to be more and more difficult to make this about us instead of the people and practices Chief Muir seems to be protecting.


bjoyous said:

Would be nice to see more comments, because it seems this is a rampant problem. The Police are supposedly here to protect us, yet I see many pretending to be lawyer, judge, and jury.
I was assaulted last week in my own front yard by 2 people living for MONTHS in a blue/white van down the street (yet when my friends parked parked in FRONT OF MY HOUSE years back, an officer was there to warn them with a few hours! before they broke any laws, while there were vans camped around the park for months)and bothered people in the neighborhood.
I called to report the assault, trespassing on my property as well as my neighbor's when he wasn't home...looking around his property, looking in windows. Then they came to my yard, Aggressively, threateningly accused me of stealing thier dog with conflicting stories about seeing the dog run to my home, seeing me take her from my back yard to into my back door, and seeing me steal her from their van. Tough, threatening and in my face. I told them their dog was not here, and continually told them to leave, but they became even more intimidating! Eventually Connie slugged me, and hit me with her bag. Ronnie threatened me and postured that he was about to hit me too, saying I was lucky I was a girl (that means if I was a man, he'd have felt good about beating me!). Officer Curtis did show up, and did give me a complaint form. While here, he received a call that the people from the van, Connie and Ronnie, were at the police Station to report ME! After talking to Connie and Ronnie, he came back to aggressively interrogate me, defend Connie and Ronnie's conflicting stories about why they thought the dog was here, interrogated me about my friends and roommates, and even search my entire property, from basement to outbuildings! He also insinuated that Ronnie and Connie had witnesses for all their conflicting stories (even a nurse Curtis admitted about these people in the van for months), but non about seeing these people assaulting me in my own front yard!
Someone please tell me whom and what such officers, and the Department represent. Since when does assault (Ronnie even admitted that he was aggressive, and repeatedly refused to leave-first honest thing I've learned that these people would say!)take a back seat to helping these people chase down leads to help these people who have lost their dog before, and never made an effort to find her, despite found ads never responded to?
Obviously, I don't feel safe with such people in the neighborhood. Shouldn't "we the people" have a voice in whether the police invest their time aggressively investigating, trespassing, threats, and assault verses aggressively investigating conflicting stories from threatening, people illegally camping down the street. Officer Curtis told me to call him if if the dog showed up, so he could return it to them. I said "no", I'd call Animal Control.

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